Tag: 2019

  • The Comedy of Errors

    The Comedy of Errors

    Our sea-shanty infused ‘The Comedy of Errors’ provided music, dance, merriment and confusion on an epic scale! The cast of twelve added bells and whistles aplenty to Shakespeare’s rumbustious comedy set in the bustling port of Ephesus, where a stranger and his servant searched for their long-lost twin brothers. Did Antipholus and Dromio succeed in…

  • Hamlet


    A corrupt court and at its centre, poised on a knife edge where conscience meets revenge, is Hamlet. Exhorted by his murdered father to take revenge upon his uncle, Hamlet seeks a way through a cabal of intrigue and deception. In his attempt to expose the truth and see justice done, the lines between reason and…

  • Abyss


    PSF was thrilled to continue its commitment to new writing with the world premiere of Abyss, a play by Associate Playwright, Laura Turner. Inspired by the painting “Ophelia Drowning” by John Everett Millais, Abyss tells the story of a young woman struggling with grief and was the perfect companion piece to Hamlet in 2019. Abyss blended…