As You Like It

As You Like It

One of Shakespeare’s most popular comedies with the most witty and wise-cracking heroine of them all, As You Like It was transformed into a bold new production by Jake Smith and Chris Cuming. PSF2017 blended the magic of British music festivals with an al-fresco production of “As You Like It.” The play was set in “Arden-Fest,” and featured original music compositions by David Barton. Jake and Chris worked to maintain the play’s historical essence while integrating the vibrant modern festival scene. 


Duke Senior, in exileDavid Podger
Rosalind, his daughterTwyla Doone
Duke Frederick, his usurping brotherNada Sharp
Celia, Frederick’s daughterLaura Peterson
Touchstone, the court jesterWilliam Bedford-Russell
Amiens, a lordTom O’Kelly
Le Beau, a courtierDannie Pye
Charles, a wrestlerFreddie Wride
Oliver, son of Sir Rowland de BoisEd Taylor-Gooby
Jacques, son of Sir Rowland de BoisRobert Hamilton
Orlando, son of Sir Rowland de BoisSam Hollis/Bailey Pilbeam
Adam,an old servantSimon Mackarness
Dennis, servant to OliverRobert Hamilton
Jacques, a melancholy travellerAlbert De Jongh
Corin, an old shepherdNorman Stewart
Silvius, a young shepherdCrispin Glancy/Henry Hayward
Phoebe, a shepherdessSusie Coutts/Freya Solly
William, a countrymanFreddie Wride
Audrey, a goatherdSarah Martin/Katie Solly
Sir Oliver Martext, a clergymanEd Taylor-Gooby
Hymen, god of marriageDannie Pye
First LordAdam Young
Second LordFred Hughes-Stanton
CourtierLily Parker


ProducersLucy Hollis and Clare Glancy
Co-DirectorsChris Cuming and Jake Smith
Assistant DirectorSam Gaffney
Composer/Musical DirectorDavid Barton
Costume DesignerNicole Small
Technical DirectorWilliam Glancy
Stage ManagerAmanda Kerstein
Assistant Stage ManagerJessica Marsh
Wardrobe MistressEve Oakley
Wardrobe AssistantEleanor Banasik
Sound OperatorJude Wilson
Production CarpentersBrian Bird and Rob Solly
Front of House ManagerRachel Gorvin
Bar ManagerSally Thomas
Box Office ManagerJack Glancy
Art DepartmentLucy Clitheroe
Harry Clitheroe
Abigail Glancy

Director’s Notes

This year’s Petersfield Shakespeare Festival brings you our very own Summer of Love!

Under the greenwood tree
Who loves to lie with me,
And turn his merry note
Unto the sweet bird’s throat,
Come hither, come hither, come hither:
Here shall he see no enemy

As You Like It Act II Scene v

If there is one thing the British summer time brings in abundance it is the “Festival”…

This year’s production of As You Like It, is a homage to just that! Going to a festival is like going to another country, a journey to a hip and thrilling Brigadoon, here today gone tomorrow. It involves a fair amount of travel, and probably a queue to get in but, once passed these impediments, you enter a tented world, a mini-state under canvas. British law still applies, but the rules of society are different, a little bit freer. So when the banished Rosalind abandons her female form to escape the Court, where else should she run but “Arden-Fest”, deep in a forest steeped in mystery, symbolism and mythology dating back many hundreds of years.There will be moments at a festival when you ask yourself “Why can’t life always be like this?” Enlightenments, awakenings, epiphanies and surreal happenings are commonplace. People do the strangest things at festivals – just like the inhabitants of Arden as well as those banished to the forest. As You Like It is, of course, an Elizabethan play which we decided to displace by fusing its historical context with the colourful world of the Festival in order to maintain its brio and panache.

David Barton joins the company this season to compose original music and lead our talented actor- musicians. It is a real delight to hear his wonderful score invigorate Shakespeare’s lyrics.

Chris Cuming is co-directing As You Like It with me after our collaboration on The Tempest last year. Chris has been combining traditional Elizabethan dancing with a contemporary modern freedom of expression… and as for the sheep… well I’ll let you see for yourself.

This year we have a company bursting with energy and blossoming with talent. It is a pleasure and privilege to be able to offer opportunities to both green and seasoned actors.

Thank you for joining us and we hope you enjoy this year’s productions of As You Like It, Double “Will” and our tailored summer touring programme.

Do join us and the cast in the Bard’s Bar after the performance.

Jake Smith & Chris Cuming


Imaginative, energetic, brilliantly acted and staged