Tag: 2017

  • As You Like It

    As You Like It

    One of Shakespeare’s most popular comedies with the most witty and wise-cracking heroine of them all, As You Like It was transformed into a bold new production by Jake Smith and Chris Cuming. PSF2017 blended the magic of British music festivals with an al-fresco production of “As You Like It.” The play was set in…

  • The Buried Moon

    The Buried Moon

    Fresh from its premiere at The Rose, Bankside, and inspired by the theory that the character of Caliban may have been informed by legends of creatures that haunt the Lincolnshire wetlands, “The Buried Moon” is an exploration and reimagining of the Miranda/Caliban dynamic set in the fen communities of today. A young woman is struggling…

  • Shakespeare’s Lost Women

    Shakespeare’s Lost Women

    This piece was one PSF’s first ventures into new writing inspired by Shakespeare, exploring his influence on our modern world. Double “Will” presented two brand-new plays: Shakespeare’s Lost Women by Greg Mosse and The Buried Moon by Laura Turner. The former takes the stories of some of the Bard’s forgotten female characters, often plot drivers,…