Monologues and More

Monologues and More

At start of 2020 we launched an open-to-all creative writing competition, Shake It Up, asking people, in a short monologue or duologue, to reimagine characters from Romeo and Juliet and tell their stories from a different perspective. The winning entries were to be performed at the Festival by our professional cast. We were thrilled by the response and the scripts but little did we know that a pandemic was on the horizon and public performance was going to be impossible. Lucky for us then that we had all this fabulous material and undaunted, we reinvented the Festival, turning the best scripts into short films: PSF2020 went digital. The Nurse, Juliet, Tybalt, the Apothecary, Friar John, Romeo and Lady Capulet all had a new spin on their lives; watch them below!

Programme of Events

PSF Online Festival 2020

Thursday 16th July 2020
Romeo & Juliet: Prologue by William Shakespeare
Friday 17th July 2020Rosaline’s Suitors by Charlie Zarb
Saturday 18th July 2020Post Mortem by Jacky Hilary
Sunday 19th July 2020Undressing Friar John by Tom Lynas
Monday 20th July 2020Violent Delights by Laura Turner
Tuesday 21st July 2020The Nurse’s Lament by J L Dean
Wednesday 22nd July 2020Tybalt’s Truth by Charlie Girdlestone
Thursday 23rd July 2020Juliet by Bea Harmston
Friday 24th July 2020Scapegoat by Chris Hollis
Saturday 25th July 2020Friar Laurence’s Confession by William Shakespeare

Plus fringe extras  –  audience anecdotes, interviews with directors, writers, designers and more!

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