Tybalt’s Truth




About Tybalt

Tybalt is a Capulet – Juliet’s cousin on her mother’s side. Vain, fashionable, supremely aware of courtesy and the lack of it, he becomes aggressive, violent, and quick to draw his sword when he feels his pride has been injured. Once drawn, his sword is something to be feared. He loathes Montagues. Tybalt’s strong sense of honour leads him to challenge Romeo to a duel in response to Romeo’s attending a Capulet party. His challenge is taken up by Mercutio, whom Tybalt kills. Romeo then kills Tybalt.

A note from the writer

Entering Shake it Up marks my anxiously overthought and extensively postponed graduation from a ‘writer who doesn’t write’ to one who does! I’d never have guessed it’d come in the form of a Shakespearean monologue as I have a harrowing complex around not being able to understand his or almost anyone else’s poetry. When I’m not writing, I can either be found telling people that I’ve started to write or trying to ignore the fact that I still don’t really do it very much.

Charlie Girdlestone  


Edited & mixed by

Freddie Hill
Adam Young
Sam Gaffney
Tom Carter
Freddie Hill


Freddie Hill

Freddie trained with the Chichester Festival Youth Theatre (2014-18) as well as receiving qualifications from LAMDA. He’s also a filmmaker, with his most recent short film, Unforgettable, on Amazon Prime. Recent theatre credits include Jordan (The Red Lion, Sean Turner, South East Tour), Peter (Peter Pan, Chichester Festival Theatre, Louis the Dauphin (Henry V, Petersfield Shakespeare Festival), Raleigh (Journey’s End, Priory Playhouse), Tink (Peter Pan, Capitol Theatre), Guildenstern and Gravedigger (Hamlet, Petersfield Shakespeare Festival & Brighton Open Air); Ray (Citizenship, The Capitol); Arthur (Return To Sender, Minerva, Chichester Festival Theatre). Screen work includes; Riz (High Water, Feature, Ewan Gorman); Arthur (Scouts Honour, TV Pilot), Tom (Ping Pong, Short, Gemma Norton) and Unforgettable, a short which he directed, now available to stream on Amazon Prime. Freddie is currently involved in the development of a drama based on Shakespeare and Marlowe, as well as the production of a new feature film.

Sam Gaffney

Sam is a freelance theatre director specializing in musicals and new writing.
Since graduating from the University of Kent, Sam has worked as an assistant and associate director on both Off-West productions and regional touring shows. He is also the Show Director for the Portsmouth section of Rare Productions Youth Company. Sam has worked for the last three years as an assistant for the National Youth Music Theatre. Alongside this, he has also consistently worked with Petersfield Shakespeare Festival and has loved being a part of such an important and vibrant theatrical festival year after year. 

Tom Carter

Tom is currently studying Software Engineering at Cardiff University. He’s also a filmmaker, and together with Freddie, they established Graded Films, an independent production company specialising in narrative film and commercial video. His professional film debut was on Unforgettable, a short film which is now on Amazon Prime. As a cinematographer and editor, Tom is always looking ahead to the next project. Film credits include DoP & Editor (Unforgettable, Short Film), DoP Editor (Three Piece Set, Short Film), DoP & Editor (Connect Remote, Short Film) and most recently DoP for Tybalt’s Truth with PSF.