PSF Lates

Featuring Special Guest, Amy Allen Poet

Friday 19th July 2024

Amy is an Actor, Poet & Spoken Word Artist who is most at home while creating, connecting, dancing, laughing, and diving into seas, ponds and pools.
Comedy and curiosity cultivate her core, as well as a deep desire for discovering and recovering the myriad of ways in which to express and access authentic artistry.
“My work as a Spoken Word Artist enables me to bear witness to this metamorphosis into living my truth as a gay woman. Giving my experience of what it means to be alive, a voice and rhythm that is intimately personal, has highlighted how many experiences are ultimately universal.”
Amy’s words have been featured on BBC Uploads and BBC Radio London, as well as at open mic events across the Capital.

She is delighted to be debuting her first solo set at PSF Lates on Friday 19th July at 10.30 pm.

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